Karimi Junior

The face behind the name. Martin M. Karimi alias Karimi Junior is a young and budding Advocate of the High Court of Kenya who specializes in Electoral Law, Tech Law, Tax Law, Constitutional and Commercial Law with a passion for storytelling and writing. He is a Bachelor of Laws graduate of The Catholic University of Eastern Africa. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma from the Kenya School of Law. He is also a section III & IV Certified Secretaries (CS) student at KCA University.

Being a devout Christian, he puts God first in all his endeavours.

Martin Karimi does article writing on anything and everything including what you may term as controversial. Karimi is a petrol head and part of the Space Ya Magari family. You can find some of his motor articles on www.spaceyamagari.com. He enjoys travelling in matatus as it is from them that he gets his inspiration to write articles. Karimi Junior reads a lot of books, journals and blogs as he seeks to expound his knowledge on various issues.

He is a passion-driven individual with a great interest in entrepreneurship mainly concentrating on the Kenyan Stock Exchange market and the Global Online Forex Market. He also has an interest in corporate law and economics as a whole. His long time ambition is to set up his own Venture Capital Firm and later on a Private Equity Firm. Tax matters are his cup of tea

Away from studies and writing, he enjoys some good old reggae, roots and ragga music. (Reggae music from the 60s to the early 2000s was some quality music unlike the trash we are forced to listen to these days.) You will also find Kenyan old school genge and Kapuka in his playlist. Some slow and uplifting worship music calms his soul.

Taking him out? Some wet fry fish from any of Osumo Brad’s fish joints does the trick. Though he eats a lot, he comes in at partly 46 Kgs. Yes, you heard that right, a bag of cement is heavier than he is. His favourite pastime activity is swimming though he doesn’t know how to swim.

You can contact Karimi Junior here.