The Spliff

After a very long day at work, nothing excites her like a spliff. Being a Friday, she considers it as a reward for a job well done throughout the week. In her two bedroom apartment, she is in her blue hot pant and black tank top. Sherry is her name. She opens her most important drawer and pulls out some stuff she considers sacred. At the same time, she has her music on full blast jamming to Young, wild & free by Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg (Lion). On her playlist cue, are more Wiz Khalifa songs.  

Sherry has her favorite spot within her apartment; her balcony. Her apartment is the one right at the corner on the 3rd floor and borders an abandoned farm full of trees forming like a forest. She likes the privacy that she enjoys while at her balcony. The fresh air from the trees hit her and the cool breeze compliments this ambience. She is deep in thought.

Sherry was brought up by her parents who were pastors. Growing up, she was a staunch Christian who managed to stay away from peer pressure. Nothing could sway her against the principles she had set. She had gone to the best schools in and out of the country and attained what many would term as a good education. After her education, she worked in one of her father’s company before she decided to pursue her own interests in the field of art and fashion where she opened her own fashion house.

At first, she used to work alone but as her company grew, she employed a few people. Her small fashion and design house produced some of the best designs in the country and received various international awards. One of the people she employed was Kev who had never gone to any school to learn about design but he produced the best designs. He was dark, tall well-built and had well-kept dreadlocks.

He rarely talked to anyone and always wanted to be alone when working always with his reggae themed headphones. Kev was an enigma even to his boss. Sherry wanted to know more about Kev and even went to an extent of hiring several Private Investigators but unfortunately none of them could find anything about him except for the where he lived.

On a normal work day as Kev was done with his work for the day, she gave Kev some extra work and promised to pay him very well for the same. Kev was hesitant but she insisted. He requested to go out for a few minutes and he came back full of energy. They worked together and they had a good chat. This happened a few other times and in no time, they would hang out indoors mainly on weekends. They would visit each other very oftenly. Kev introduced Sherry to his powerful secret; the spliff. He told her that it was what brought out the creativeness in him. Soon enough, she was hooked to both Kev and the spliff. Kev was her 2nd drug. She liked him. No, she loved him.

As soon as Kev had come, he left. He was nowhere to be found. He had no known relatives. Sherry reported his disappearance but after months and years of looking for him, they never found him. There was no clue of where he would be.

Here we are five years later, Sherry at her balcony with her sacred stuff; four that she had carefully rolled to her perfection the previous day and a lighter. (Kev had connected her to a plug who would supply her with all the necessities and even showed her how to do the rolling like the guru he was. Having learned from an expert, she was an expert herself.) By this time, one is already down and she lights the second one, takes a long puff and blows out the smoke via her mouth. β€˜Wherever you are Kev, dead or alive, this is for you. I really miss you.’ She says.

The Spliff is meant to help her try and forget about Kev but the paradox is that the spliff brings nothing else to mind except for Kev who introduced and got her hooked her to it. Will she ever get her Kev back? If not, will she atleast be able to forget him? Will she ever give up the spliff?

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