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Liebster Award

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, people of the blogging streets, it is with much pleasure that I inform you of having bagged a second Liebster Award courtesy nomination courtesy of the lovely and sassy Twisted Empress. Much thanks to you beloved but accept my apologies for the delay. Procrastination happens. The Liebster Award is recognition given to one blogger from another blogger, more like a chain of appreciation from one blogger to another.

There are rules, well the chain needs to keep growing. The rules are:

11 facts about me

  1. I am a procrastinator. I will procrastinate a 20 minutes task for up to three months. An example is this article. The nomination came almost two months ago but still…Again, I have like 20 skeleton stories drafts for my blog that I only work on when I’m inspired.
  2. I don’t take tea. I also don’t take coffee. I am that guy who loves myself a hot cup of cocoa or drinking chocolate.
  3. I fear God, snakes, hot porridge, electricity, bullets and a female out to seek revenge (I’m not trying to sound misogynist though)
  4. I have trust issues with anything and everything. I don’t trust anyone or even anything easily. Guess this stems from past experiences.
  5. I am that guy who takes life easy. I joke too much to an extent that when I’m serious, my friends think that I’m just joking. Only the very close ones can differentiate when I’m serious from when I’m joking.
  6. Old School Reggae music is my favourite type of music; and no, I don’t smoke weed, neither do I chew miraa or even muguka. Unpopular opinion: I am also a huge fan of Gengetone music. You can get Gengetone celebrity news, new song releases, updates and much more here:
  7. I easily forget people’s names and especially these people with unique kind of names. We can meet today, spend the whole day but tomorrow morning ask me your name, I can’t remember. Other times, we can be friends for up to 1 year but all the while, I will never ask your name. I will just ‘bro’ or ‘siste’ you and wait until I hear someone call out your name.
  8. I rarely get angry but when I do, I even fear myself.
  9. I eat a lot, like really a lot but physique wise, I am hella skinny. In my mid-20s, I am barely 42kgs. Someone once told me that I have the appetite of two elephants but I have the body of a rat. (Where are the body shaming activists when you need one? While at it someone please tag Amerix here for tips on how to gain weight.)
  10. I really love travelling, you know long distance kind of journeys. However, I prefer travelling at night.
  11. I am a dog person. I can’t stand cats. Every time I see a cat, I feel the urge to kick it.


1. Describe 2020 in one word.


2. Reading or writing, which is your favourite and why?

Reading. I learn more. Reading calms my soul. Writing is more of a hobby for me.

3. What is your blog’s biggest achievement?

Getting a DM on my Instagram from a top journalist working in one of the leading media houses in Kenya telling me how he had found one of my stories interesting. Read the said story here. He explained to me that I can be a script writer and it got me wondering what on earth I’m I doing in Law School. Anyways, time will come.

4. Which is the last book you read?

The Richest Man in Babylon. Y’all should get a copy.

5. Do you like huge parties or would you rather spend time in a small group or alone?

I am more of an Ambivert so I oscillate between a small group (with just few friends) and being alone.

6. What’s one rule to live by?

Apana Tambua slang meaning for ‘I simply don’t care.’ Someone tell me I can’t do something? Well, Apana Tambua. I will do it and rub it on their face!

7. If you could have a million dollars fall into your lap right now, but you can’t spend any of it on yourself, how would you spend the money?

We are talking about 106 Million Kenya Shillings. I would spend it on three things. First, I would support a few children centres such as childrens’ homes that really need the help. Whenever I see the plight of such centres, I am usually touched. The second thing would be to help a few people offset their medical bills and help others seek specialized treatment locally or abroad. Media stories and features of such persons make me almost tear up. Lastly, I would sponsor around several bright but needy students in terms of school fees and related upkeep.

8. What’s something that someone might do to you that you could never forgive?

Woah, tough one. I can’t think of any at the moment.

9. What’s more important in a relationship – honesty or respect?

Respect. I think that where there is respect, honesty will flow. Personally, I wouldn’t lie to a person I respect. If I would do, the guilt would eat me up until I come clean.

10. What’s the biggest lesson learnt from blogging?

Not everyone will get to appreciate your work but continue doing you.

11. Truth or dare, what’s your go to answer?

Truth. Whatever emotion or reaction comes from the said truth is none of my business.

My nominees are:

*Foody Wambo

*Melancholic Thoughts


*Senyo Inspires

Here are your questions.

  1. Your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing.
  2. Best or most impactful book you have ever read.
  3. Your worse experience in your blogging or writing career
  4. Phone call, text messages or physical meeting, what’s your preference if at all you have to break up with your partner? If none of the above, add yours.
  5. The best day of your life?
  6. Given a chance to spend 24 hours with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?
  7.   What are three of your favourite blogs?
  8. What is your idea of a perfect day?
  9. Your biggest role model.
  10.  If you were the Kenyan President for just one day, how would you spend your day?
  11.  Which is that one country that you have always wanted to visit and why?                                                                                          

Thank you and best of luck.

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