What If?

What if. This is a question that we oftenly ask ourselves. What I did not do it? What if I did it? What if…..?

There you are on a date with your crush. You are very nervous and anxious because you feel that you may mess up and jeopardize your chances of being together. At some point, you are stammering because you are being very careful with your choice of words. You want to appear perfect before them. Even your laughter is calculated.

Amidst your anxiety, you are able to entertain them and you see them laugh. Oh the joy that comes with seeing your crush laugh because of you. Not that they are laughing at you but they are laughing at your so called jokes. ‘You are very funny.’ says your crush. This statement gives you wild thoughts. You start fantasizing about how you and Trevor Noah are on the same level. Nah, Kevin Hart maybe.

This classy restaurant offers you a wide range of foods, drinks and even snacks to chose from. You are both enjoying yourselves having the best time of your lives. You all eat and drink to your fill. Lé crush pours out their heart. “You know I have liked you since the day I first saw you. I was afraid of how you would react but now that we are cool, I decided to tell you anyway.”

‘Wait a minute!!!’ A voice in your head rattles. ‘Did you just hear that? So now, your crush has a crush on you. Wow. My friend, you have made it in life.’ You try to imagine how happy the squad is going to be upon receiving this news. At this point, no one can steal your joy. Nothing can make you unhappy. You are on top of the world.

In your opinion the date has gone so well that you now want to schedule another one. ‘We can meet on Wednesday next week,’ you suggest. Your crush responds, “It might be impossible as I have classes the whole day on Wednesday. Can we do….” Before they suggest the day they are comfortable with, your alarm goes off and you wake up. “Damn it!!!” You curse loudly. This was all a dream. Anyway, crushes are just meant to crash you

What if, just what if it was a reality? Stay tuned to find out.

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