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Frustration Galore

Ever had that kind of day where everything seems to have conspired against you? The kind of day where everything is just frustrating you almost driving you crazy to the core?

You wake up, stretch your arms thinking of how you are going to have a wonderful day but Alas, you realize that you are already late. You were meant to wake up at 4a.m. but already, there are bright rays of light shining through your bedroom window.

You reach out to your phone  . You ‘left’ it to charge overnight so that by morning, you find a full battery but shock on your face, you plugged in the charger into the phone and on the wall socket but you forgot to switch on the socket. You decide to switch it on for your phone to at least gain a little charge before you leave but the charging cable decides to play games on you. You spend a whole five minutes trying to adjust it to charge the phone. Upon setting it, Kenya Power decides that as it is, you have had enough electricity. So now, you have no power and your phone is on 4% charge.

By this time, you are asking yourself, can this day get any worse? Apparently, anytime you ask this question, life takes it as a challenge and decides to reveal to you what we call ‘You will know you don’t know’ As you now try to get out of bed, somehow someway your little toe is hit. You are now angry. Since you have no power, you now have a daunting task of boiling water since your instant shower is of no use at the moment.

As you are preparing tea for breakfast, you decide to wash a plate that you used last night and the milk is like ‘Now you see me, now you don’t.’ For your breakfast, you are now forced to take strong tea and to make matters worse, you have no sugar. Unconsciously, you touch a hot sufuria and your finger bears the blunt of it. As you are cooling down your burnt finger, the gas cooker goes off. You are out of gas but the water you were boiling was somehow warm. Finally, the 1st good thing that happens.

So now, you take a bath but because you are used to a hot shower, you feel like you have just splashed a little water on yourself. You take your breakfast comprising of strong tea and left over Ugali. All this while, you are stressing over where to get money to refill your gas. After breakfast, you decide to leave. No sooner do you leave the house, than it starts raining . You have no umbrella. As you walk to the bus stop, some idiot decides that the bath you took was not enough for you and splashes flood water on you. You had on some white jeans and white sneakers.

You decide to soilder on. Upon getting to the bus stop, you look like a person who had been drenched in a dirty pool of water. You hurry as the matatu is almost leaving but unfortunately, you are left. It will take a whole 45 minutes before another one arrives.

You now sit down on a stone at the bus stop deep on thought. You have a flashback of the events that have taken place since you woke up. You then realize that you locked your keys in the house and you also left your phone. You ask yourself, ‘If all these is taking place this early, what more do I anticipate before the day ends?’ You cry out ‘Oh Lord, where did I go wrong? Whom did I offend?’

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