First Time in Nairobi

Dear Reader, I hope that you are keeping safe and observing guidelines to prevent the spThank you for your continued support. For those who are here for the first time, welcome aboard. This article may be well relatable to those who grew up in the villages. For those who grew up in town, well just read so that you can know how your village counterparts feel.

‘I will be travelling to Nairobi very early in the morning’ said Little Monica’s father as they were having supper one day during the school holidays. ‘Papa, Can I come along?’ asked Monica. Her father replied ‘No Monica. The city is a dangerous place with alot of people. You can easily get lost.’ She really insisted until her father said, Okay. Just make sure you are up early.’

Monica was over the moon. She was so excited. She could hardly sleep that night. She tried to imagine what the city looked like only having heard stories of the great Nairobi city from her classmates. That night, she had dreams of getting lost in the big city but they could not kill the joy she had of finally going to Nairobi.

Morning came and she was up before her father. She went straight to her father’s room and woke him up.  ‘Daddy, its morning!! Wake up!!’ On a normal day she would still be asleep at this time. Her father woke up. Monica couldn’t even take breakfast because of the excitement. She was impatient. “Daddy, take your breakfast chap chap. We need to be there early.” Her father, mother and sister were all laughing. Monica was apparently imitating how her father talks.

They left home, boarded a matatu and set off to the big city. They were fortunate enough to get the front seat. Little Monica would curiously ask alot of questions. His father answered many of them with the help of the driver. “Is it the first time that you are going to the city?” The driver asked Monica who answered Yes. She was surprised at the huge number of vehicles in the city. One thing that really surprised her were traffic lights that controlled traffic.

Minutes later, they arrived at Odeon stage. “Woah! These are sure alot of people!” exclaimed Monica. In her life, she had never seen such a huge number of people. Each person seemed to be in a hurry. Occassionally, some would accidentally bump into each other, hurriedly say sorry then each person would be on their way. The tall skyscrapers also amazed her. “Daddy, do you have to take stairs to get to the top of that building?” she asked. Her father replied, “There are stairs but we use lifts. I will take you to Uncle Ben’s office and I’ll show you what a lift is.”

Monica and her father went to various points within the city. Monica was amazed by the KICC. “It looks like a soda and a cake.” she said referring to the architectural design of the building. Her father took her to Uhuru park for the boat riding. She also got her face painted and her father also bought her a balloon. “What do you want to eat? It’s almost lunch time.” Her father asked. “Chips, sausage and soda” she answered. They went to a nearby hotel and had lunch.

A file photo of the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi. Photo courtesy of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenyatta_International_Convention_Centre

After lunch, they went to see Uncle Ben. He worked in one of the big companies. His office was on the 14th floor. They entered the building and after security checks, got into the lift. “This is the lift I was telling you about earlier.” said Monica’s father. A voice then said, “Doors closing. Going up.” Monica was scared. She held on tightly to her father. She was trembling. On the way, the lift would stop and people would get in and others would get off.

Finally, they got to the 14th floor and headed to Uncle Ben’s office. He was expecting them. Monica looked outside from the window and was surprised by how everything seemed so small. They got to catch up for around 1 hour before leaving. Monica asked Uncle Ben alot of questions about the city. Uncle Ben was more than glad to answer all of them. On the way out, Monica wanted to be one to press the buttons on the lift. She imitated the voice, “Doors closing, going down” Uncle Ben had explained to her that the voice was an automated voice.

They walked to Odeon and boarded a matatu home. Monica was tired, happy to have been in the city but at the same time sad that the trip to the big city had come to an end. That night during supper, she could not keep quiet. She narrated how her day had been to her Mother and siblings. Monica could not wait for the holidays to end so that she could narrate her experience to her classmates.

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